COMES offers skid-type process equipments for a wide range of applications. The systems can vary from small units, which are delivered entirely from the factory, to large units, for which the final assembly on site is necessary. The units are manufactured according to the customer’s design engineering and include the metal structures, vessels, pumps, filters, heat exchangers, valves and connection fittings, as required by the application.



Diameter: max. Ø 6,000 mm.

Length: 45,000 mm./section

Shell Thickness: max. 100 mm.

Temperature min./max.: -40°  / 600°C

Pressure: max. 450 bar

Weight: max. 200 tons



Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel Alloy, Stainless Steel, Clad Steel (Monel), Duplex, Super Duplex, Cu-Ni Alloy, Cladded materials etc.