The S.C. COMES S.A management is going to maintain and improve the Quality Management System, according to EN ISO 9001:2008, NMC-07, to improve the Environmental System, Occupational Health and Safety System according to EN ISO 14001:2005, OHSAS 18001:2008.

Our main scope and daily concernment is answer at client’s requirements and expectations by offering, with promptitude, products and qualitative services, without prejudice to environment, the health and safety. SC COMES is concerned both to preserve traditional customers trust and to gain the confidence of potential clients.

For meeting of this aim, the top management of COMES is engaging for:

  • To meet the clients requirements and other involved parts, by applying the national legislation stipulations, ASME Code, current standards as amended to fulfil the European norms as well as our company standards or other country standards, promoted by our clients;
  • To set targets regarding to the quality of products and services furnished by SC COMES SA, that will be rated, monitored, assessment maintained;
  • To encourage the continuous professional development for their employees through training and creating a stimulating environment for this;
  • To achieve and continuously improve interfaces with employees, with external bodies through that we communicate policy, objectives and performance of our business;
  • To ensure the continuous growth of customer satisfaction by providing highly innovative products and quality services;
  • To measure, monitor, evaluate and continuously improve the environmental performance, health and safety;
  • To protect the environment primarily by reducing both emissions and the implementation of best available techniques in our operations;
  • To ensure the safety and health at workplaces by minimizing the risks for their employees, customers and visitors.

Director Executiv
Ing. Petru Cozma