Management System Policy


COMES commits to maintain and improve the quality management system, according to EN ISO 9001:2015, NMC-07, and the environment, health and safety at work management system according to SR EN ISO 14001:2005, SR OHSAS 18001:2008.

Our main purpose and concern is to meet our customer requirements and expectations by promptly offering products and services of high quality, without harming the environment, or the health and safety of all our partners. Our aim at COMES is to maintain confidence among our clients as well as to attract new ones.


In order to achieve this purpose, the top management of COMES commits to:

  • meet the requirements of our customers along with others interested, by applying the legislation in force, ASME code, together with the EU standards.
  • set up the aims regarding the quality of products and services offered by COMES which  one we measure, monitor, evaluate and maintain;
  • constantly stimulate our employees in terms of professional development through training;
  • create and constantly improve the interface between the company and the employees, the company and the means of external communication;
  • assure a continuous growth of satisfaction among our clients by offering highly innovative products and services of  high quality;
  • measure, monitor, evaluate and constantly improve performance in terms of environment, health and safety at work;
  • protect the environment mainly by reducing emissions and implementing the most efficient techniques;
  • assure health and safety at work for our employees, clients and customers by minimizing and isolating risks.