• PV Elite 2018
  • Nozzle Pro
  • San’t Ambrogio NextGen 2018 (EN13445, AD2000, ASME codes)
  • SOLID WORKS Simulation Professional 2015
  • AUTOCAD & ZWCAD 3D standard


  • cutting machine 1 head oxy & 1 head plasma bevel, 5 axes (max. thk. for SS 120 mm., for CS 300 mm, L= 12.2 m., l=2.2 m.)
  • portable semi-automatic ferrule hole cutting equipment, brand TAG model EZPHC602 (thk. 5-70 mm.)
  • oxy fuel cutting (max. thk. 120 mm.)
  • plasma cutting (max. thk. 55 mm.)
  • guillotine


  • plate chamfering machine (thk. 80 mm., max. length 6 m.)
  • mobile chamfering machine type CHP-21G (thk. 55 mm., angle: 22 and 55°, unlimited length)


  • plate bending machine type SERTOM  (thk. 100 mm.)
  • plate bending machine (thk. 4-25 mm.)


  • machining center CNC HURCO 22DCX: max. load on table (SK50) 8,000 kg; courses X-Y-Z: 2.200 x 1.700 x 750 mm.; position accuracy: Pmax (mm) mm 0,02; repeatability Ps (mm) mm 0.01; manufacture of tube sheets with diam. up to Ø 1,700 mm. and thk. up to # 400 mm.
  • tube expanding equipment QUADROL with MK-400 rolling motor (range Ø15.87-63.5 mm.)
  • processing of spare parts on lathe, diameter up to 1,500 mm and length up to 5,000 mm.
  • processing of spare parts on round lathe diameter up to 4,000 mm and height up to 2,500 mm.
  • processing on horizontal and vertical milling machines
  • processing on coordinate drilling machine
  • processing of spare parts on portable milling machine type FLP, length up to 5,000 mm., width up to 1,600 mm. and height up to 1,200 mm.
  • processing on radial drilling machines
  • plate bending on ABKANT, max. thk. 20 mm.
  • pipe bending, different rays and angles, diameter in between 16-60 mm.
  • mandrel tube bending using electric or pneumatic equipment, with control points and preset timing, diameter in between 12- 101 mm. and thk. 1,5- 4,6 mm.



  • welding boom (CB- MATIC XLM 62×63) with 2 welding heads for tandem welding, diam. of equipment 6 m.
  • MMA (SMAW) manual welding with electric arc;
  • TIG (GTAW) manual welding in inert gas environment;
  • GTAW automatic orbital welding in pipe tube plate;
  • SAF (SAW) submerged welding;
  • MIG – MAG (FCAW) wire welding in active and inert gas environment.


  • post welding heat treatment in flame furnace (6 diesel burners – size inside 1,2000 x 5,000 x 3,750 mm.)
  • INDUCAL equipment (medium frequency induction 2800 Hz)
  • electric resistance furnace (600 x 1,200 mm.)
  • fulminate (300 x 600 x 250 mm.)


  • free blasting with metal beads, grid or electro-corundum.


  • paint and primer using AIRLESS equipment
  • pickling and passivation


The destructive and non-destructive laboratories are equipped with high performance devices, operated by professional engineers, and are in accordance with ASME, PED/2014/68/EU and EN ISO 9712 standards. COMES is authorized to perform the following tests:

  • mechanical testing, impact hardness
  • resilience Charpy V
  • microstructure
  • chemical analysis
  • corrosion tests for CS & SS
  • non- destructive tests: X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids

Our Quality division monitors the quality management system, for the continuous improvement of the company’s performance.