Column type equipments are intended for substance or mass transfer processes: absorption, desorption, chemosorption, rectification, extraction, adsorption.

COMES company has the experience of manufacturing the most frequently used types of columns: with filling and with plates. In the case of the first category of columns, together with the filling, our specialists equip the inside of the column with:

  1. flat or corrugated filler supports
  2. layer-limiting grills
  3. liquid redistribution devices – spraying devices


For columns with plates, the interior equipments is entirely fabricated in our own workshops, as we have the specialized personnel and the necessary endowment for processing of thin sheets. Trough trays, bell trays, sieve trays are frequently made. At the request of our customers, plates can be delivered as spare parts for the columns that operate in the installations.



Diameter: max. Ø 6,000 mm.

Length: 45,000 mm./section

Shell Thickness: max. 100 mm.

Temperature min./max.: -40°  / 600°C

Pressure: max. 450 bar

Weight: max. 200 tons



Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel Alloy, Stainless Steel, Clad Steel (Monel), Duplex, Super Duplex, Cu-Ni Alloy, Cladded materials etc.