The New Workshop

SC COMES SA is one of the main Romanian suppliers of pressure equipment for oil and gas industry, with over 40 years of production experience, who aim to increase the capacity of equipment manufacturing by creating an new Workshop of 2800 sq m.

In 2020, Comes SA finished the new Workshop for the manufacture of technological equipment with weights up to 200 tons each, 7 m diameter and 45 m length.

In the New Workshop we already have in progress under-pressure equipment of up to 100 tons. And for the following year we are negotiating contracts for pressure equipment with weights ranging between 100-200 tons.

New Workshop

The new Workshop:

    • 1. dimension:
  • – Hall 1 : 90 x 22 x 15 m (L x l x H);
  • – Hall 2: 15 x 8 x 8 m (L x l x H)
    • 2. work equipment:
  • – Two 80 Tf mobile crane (including power line and tread);
  • – Automatic welding beams;
  • – CNC machine with 3 axes DCX 22i 50 for Tube Sheets with thickness up to 300 mm;
  • – Modern blasting/ painting (15 000 x 8 000 x 8 000 mm), according to international standard;
  • – Large thickness plasma/ oxy cutting machine;
  • – Modern equipment for destructive/ non-destructive control, thickness up to 100 mm.




Manufacturing offers:

  1. Mechanical Design;
  2. Mechanical Processing (cutting, rolling, welding, mechanical processes);
  3. Destructive and Non-destructive Control;
  4. Heat Treatment;
  5. Hydraulic test, Helium test, Bubble test;
  6. Blasting;
  7. Painting;
  8. Piping Work.

Comes S.A. products:

  1. Spray-Type Deaerator;
  2. Heat exchangers;
  3. Pressure vessels;
  4. Tube bundles;
  5. Air coolers;
  6. Columns;
  7. Gas separators;
  8. Pump bodies;
  9. Skid units;
  10. Coils.

Materials used:

  1. Carbon Steel;
  2. Carbon Steel Alloy;
  3. Stainless Steel;
  4. Duplex, Super Duplex;
  5. Cu-Ni Alloy.

Comes S.A. is a reliable partner, adding value through it's outstanding service, quality standards, technical capabilities and high performance operations.
New investment will strengthen our position as supplier of pressure equipment on the internal market, as well as the position of approved supplier on the external market.