1. Mechanical Design

COMES provides mechanical design of pressure equipment, by means of last, high performance software and a professional team, in compliance with EN 13445 and ASME standards.We also provide pressure equipment repair projects, according to C4 2010 PT norms.

2.  Heat Treatment

COMES offers heat treatment, welding tempering services with maximum dimensions. Heat treatment is performed in partnership with specialists in Netherlands, offering all necessary certificates.

3.  Mechanical Processing

COMES offers complete mechanical processing services (chamfering, turning, milling, drilling) by means of modern devices and tools.

4.  Bending

COMES offers bending service for Carbon, Stainless Steel plates, the maximum thickness reaching up to 63 mm, depending on material/size etc. We also provide cutting and chamfering service.

5.  Blasting

COMES provides sandblasting service for spare parts, or equipments, in a modern workshop of 100 m2.

6.  Painting

COMES offers additional painting and primer services, in a new, modern workshop of 100 m2, by means of special airless pumps.

7. Pickling

8. Passivating

9. Destructive and Non-destructive Control

Destructive Control

Destructive examinations (tensile, bending, hardness, resilience), metallographic analysis, technological tests.


No. Test Equipment Method
1 Mechanical testing: towing, stretching, bending, shearing metal materials and welding Towing apparatus JINAN WDW- 400KN, with extensometer and heating oven max. 8000C SR EN ISO 6892-1,2SR EN ISO 4136ISO-5173ASME
2 Impact testing at ambient and negative temperatures, max. -600C Pendulum Block type JBW-300C cooling type DWC-60 SR EN ISO 9016ASME
3 Spectral analysis Portable analyzer type Genius 5000 XRF
4 Microstructures and macrostructures Metallographic microscope type  XJL 20+MAT PLUS (100x) SR EN 1321SR EN ISO 5817
5 Ferrite content analysis Ferritemeter type FMP-30 SR EN ISO 8249
6 Hardness testingHB; HV; HRC; HRB Digital Hardness Tester Leeb model HYT400 SR EN ISO 9015-1


 Non-destructive Control

Radiographic examinations according to ASME, ISO 17636 standards;

Penetrant liquid examinations according to ASME, EN ISO 3452-2 standards;
Magnetic particle examinations according to ASME, SR EN 17638 standards;
Ultrasonic examinations of welding, forging, thickness measurement according to SR EN ISO 17640, SR EN ISO 11666 standards;