Quality Management System

COMES is authorized to manufacture pressure vessels by means of the following licenses, certificates and authorizations:

  • Quality Management System certificate, according to ISO 9001: 2015 standard, by TUV Thuringen;
  • Environment Management System certificate, according to ISO 14001: 2005 standard, by CertRom;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, SR OHSAS 18001:2008, by CertRom;
  • Pressure Vessels Manufacturing authorization, according to ASME standard, section VIII div. 1, U, U2 & R stamps;
  • Pressure Vessels Manufacturing certificate, according to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0 / HP100R and TRD201, ISO 3834-2 by TÜV SÜD Industrieservice GmbH;
  • Quality Management System authorization, according to Nuclear NMC-07 for manufacturing activity class 3, by CNCAN;
  • Pressure Vessels design and manufacture certificate, according to 2014/68/UE Norm;
  • Certificate GOST TR CU 010/2017 and TR CU 032/2017;

The Destructive and Nondestructive laboratories are equipped with high performance devices, operated by professional engineers, and are in accordance with ASME, 2014/68/UE and EN ISO 9712 standards.

COMES is authorized to perform the following tests:

  • Welding test with penetrant radiations, according to ASME, ISO 17636 standards;
  • Penetrant liquid test, according to ASME, EN ISO 3452-2 standards;
  • Magnetic particle test according to ASME, SR EN 17638 standards;
  • Ultrasonic test of welding, casting, forging, thickness measurement, according to SR EN ISO 17640, SR EN ISO 11666 standards;
  • Destructive test (tensile, bending, hardness, resilience), metallographic analysis, technological tests.
No. Test Equipment Method
1 Mechanical testing: towing, stretching, bending, shearing metal materials and welding Towing apparatus JINAN WDW- 400KN, with extensometer and heating oven max. 8000C SR EN ISO 6892-1,2SR EN ISO 4136ISO-5173


2 Impact testing at ambient and negative temperatures, max. -600C Pendulum Block type JBW-300C cooling type DWC-60 SR EN ISO 9016ASME
3 Spectral analysis Portable analyzer type Genius 5000 XRF
4 Microstructures and macrostructures Metallographic microscope type  XJL 20+MAT PLUS (100x) SR EN 1321SR EN ISO 5817
5 Ferrite content analysis Ferritometer type FMP-30 SR EN ISO 8249
6 Hardness testingHB; HV; HRC; HRB Digital Hardness Tester Leeb model HYT400 SR EN ISO 9015-1