Air coolers

Air coolers are heat exchangers used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in heat transfer processes as condensers or evaporators.  The coolers are made of tube bundles arranged in bays, with two or more fans mounted on a steel structure.

The fin tubes which ensure the heat transfer can be manufactured by extruded or embedded fins from:

  • Carbon steel;
  • Copper;
  • Stainless steel.

Technical characteristics:

Diameter: max. Ø5500 mm;
Pressure: max. 150 bar;
Weight: max. 50 tons.

The main parameters defining these type of heat exchangers are:

  • Number of horizontal or vertical row;
  • Total surface of heat transfer;
  • Air flow free surface;

Material used:

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Clad Steel (Monel), Duplex, Super Duplex, Cu-Ni Alloy etc.