June 2016

We at COMES delivered pressure equipment for Tessenderlo Kerley USA company, Belgium branch, which built a new chemical plant in Grand-Quevilly Borealis, France.

We have delivered complex equipment, of which the most important are: column (length 30 m) reactor (diameter 3.5 m, length 9 m) overall incinerator and boiler (length 29 m), made of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel (304 L / 316 L / 904 L).

Design, manufacturing, certification according to PED 2014/68 / EU and oversized transport of these pressure vessels were performed by our company.


April 2014 – Record delivery for PETROBRAZI Ploiesti

Comes SA Savinesti delivered by “Petrobrazi” Ploiesti, the largest equipment produced in company history. It is a heat exchanger vessel, the system working pressure sent Refinery “Petrobrazi” with a length of 12.6 meters, height of 4.5 meters, width of 4.3 meters and weight of 30 tonnes own.

Because of these dimensions, the delivery was made to a low loader, which required special authorizations and took place mostly at night to cause the least circulation.

The equipment is part of a contract worth more than EUR 500,000. The contract includes 11 equipment similar, but smaller, plus spare parts. So far nine have been delivered equipment.

The draft revision of the refinery was developed by an Austrian company, but equipment manufacturing projects were made in the company COMES SA.