Heat exchangers

To achieve the technological processes of heat transfer from one heat agent to another Comes can fabricate various items, under generic name of heat exchangers.

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Pressure Vessels

For storage or transport of liquid or gaseous fluids such as basic, intermediate or final material, COMES S.A. fabricates a large range of items.

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Tube Bundles

Tube bundles can be with floating head, tube bundle U type and tube bundle with stationary tube plates.

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Columns are chemical equipments used in fractionation, distillation, adsorption operation, etc. during technological process.

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  • Newspaper Realitatea:
  • COMES SA – economic performance despite the pandemic

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  • Newspaper Monitorul:
  • Comes SA: High complexity equipment delivered to Petrotel Lukoil Ploiești

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  • Newspaper Monitorul:
  • The Special Equipment Mechanical Company – COMES – has invested 5 million euros in a Workshop for complex equipment up to 200 tons. The company, national leader in the field, employs 80 employees, in addition to the existing 220 and offers an attractive salary

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  • Newspaper Mesagerul:

    COMES Săvinești – National leader in the production of industrial equipment under pressure, creates 80 new jobs, in addition to the existing 220, by completing a new production hall, representing an investment of over 5 million euros

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  • 29.05.2020- Comes S.A. delivered the second highly complex equipment to the Petrotel Lukoil refinery, Ploiesti. * 54 tons / * 3 m diameter / * 7 m length


  • 14.05.2020Comes SA Savinesti delivered last week, to the Petrotel Lukoil refinery, Ploiesti, a very complex equipment with a total mass of 54 tons, with a diameter of 3 meters and a length of 17 meters.




  • 11.05.2020Tube Bundle U, with distribution chamber integrated in the tubular plate.


    We stand by our Community!


    Comes S.A. contributed to the purchase of medical equipment and protective materials that help the medical staff and intervention staff from our #Community – #Vivid Neamt, in the fight with SAR-CoV-2.

    Together we are facing an unprecedented situation. The SAR-CoV-2 pandemic escalate, and many of us are taking extraordinary steps in this difficult period. We all feel doubt and concern for the well-being of us, our families, friends, colleagues and collaborators.
    We wish you and your families health!

    The New Workshop



    In 2020, Comes SA will finish the new Workshop for the manufacture of technological equipment with weights up to 200 tons each, 7 m diameter and 45 m length.

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    Stork Termeq Technology

    Combining the technology patented by Stork Termeq and our experience in the manufacture of pressure vessels, COMES S.A. it is capable of producing and supplying high quality deaerators.

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    COMES management is honored to represent the Romanian Association for Pressure Equipments as ARPE Vice President.

    Topics such as business growth, technical knowledge, market intelligence, new supplier identification, networking, visibility, commercial awareness, new standards, codes and regulations, partnerships on joint initiatives are just some of the important issues ARPE engages in meetings and training programs.



      Oversized product delivery

    MEA Stripping Column

    DGRS Installation

    ROMPETROL Petromidia Refinery

    About us

    Founded in 1977, under the name of Mechanical Plant of the Chemical Complex of Synthetic Fibres and Yarns Savinesti (UMCFFS), it was created as a supplier of equipments and spare parts for Savinesti Chemical Platform.

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    Comes have succeed to answer at the most demanding industrial standards, being authorized to manufacture equipments according to the most important national and international norms (ASME, CNCAN, PED 97/23 / EC, ISCIR, Clasic and Nucleare firlds, etc.).

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