Heat exchangers

To achieve the technological processes of heat transfer from one heat agent to another Comes can fabricate various items, under generic name of heat exchangers.

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For storage or transport of liquid or gaseous fluids such as basic, intermediate or final material, COMES S.A. fabricates a large range of items.

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Tube bundles


Tube bundles can be with floating head, tube bundle U type and tube bundle with stationary tube plates.

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Columns are chemical equipments used in fractionation, distillation, adsorption operation, etc. during technological process.

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Our mission is to be a company focused on meeting the needs of our customers in process industries that provide services and equipment to the highest level, using the latest manufacturing technologies in compliance with all quality and safety standards in area.


We want as our current and future customers to identify us as a reliable partner, always oriented to changing market needs. Acting responsibly, offering products and services at the highest technical level and hiring quality human resources, strategy COMES is based on the following values:

  • Tradition & Experience;
  • Client value creation;
  • Quality & Profesionalism;
  • Respect for the Society, Economy & Environment;
  • Honesty & Integrity.


COMES aims to become a worldwide industrial partner that provides industrial services and equipments of process for industry: chemical, petrochemical, gas, energy, oil extraction and processing.


  • Our strategy is the offering of high technology products, at competitive prices and in the shortest delivery time possible.
  • We are administering our business maintaining a high ethic standard and an organizational culture focused on peoples.
  • We will continue to focus on improvement of operational performance in order to enlarge the company profit.

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About us

Founded in 1977, under the name of Mechanical Plant of the Chemical Complex of Synthetic Fibres and Yarns Savinesti (UMCFFS), it was created as a supplier of equipments and spare parts for Savinesti Chemical Platform.

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Comes have succeed to answer at the most demanding industrial standards, being authorized to manufacture equipments according to the most important national and international norms (ASME, CNCAN, PED 97/23 / EC, ISCIR, Clasic and Nucleare firlds, etc.).

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RO 2662292

J27 / 27 / 1991

Capital social: 1.163.023 lei

Adress: 3 Gheorghe Caranfil Str. , Savinești, Neamț, România

T: +40 233 280 601;

F: +40 233 280 585