European funds


European funds

COMES develops, starting from 09.12.2013, the project called “Competitiveness and effectiveness of COMES company by implementing performance IT software”, code SMIS 47486, co-financed by Regional Development European Fund (82,70%) and State Budge (17,30%), funding under the contract signed with the Ministry of Information Society, as IB, and in the name and for the Ministry of Economy, as Managing Authority for the Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness”.


Main target:

Increasing competitiveness and improving the overall performance of COMES regarding the design, manufacture, repair and sales of technological equipment, by implementing modern software applications, and IT equipment acquisition, ensuring sustainable development and equal opportunities.

The target of the project is fully compliant with the overall objective of the Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (POS CCE) 2007-2013, consisting on increasing productivity of Romanian enterprises and reducing disparities as compared to the average productivity of the European Union.


Specific targets:

  • IT infrastructure development by acquiring modern equipment, in accordance with the current standards;
  • Increasing the management efficiency, by using integrated IT systems, which will lead to maintaining current employees, strengthening market position, and developing customer portfolio;
  • Increasing labor productivity and level of training on IT applications, by training 33 employees;
  • Achieving these targets will be properly reflected in the financial results of the company, by 8.24% increase of the sales figure over the next three years past implementation.


The total value of the project is 1,306,615.23 lei, from which 605,160.38 lei is grant financial assistance (ERDF 500 467, 63 lei, and 104,692.75 lei from the national budget). The project is implemented in the North-East region of the country, Neamt, SAVINESTI, during a period of 9 months.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund “Investments for your future”. For further information about other programs financed by the European Union, please visit