Delivered equipments

Delivered equipments – Archive


  • 29.05.2020Comes S.A. delivered the second highly complex equipment to the Petrotel Lukoil refinery, Ploiesti. * 54 tons / * 3 m diameter / * 7 m length


  • 14.05.2020Comes SA Săvinești delivered last week, to the Petrotel Lukoil refinery, Ploiești, a very complex equipment with a total mass of 54 tons, with a diameter of 3 meters and a length of 17 meters.



  • 11.05.2020Tube bundle, with distribution chamber integrated in the tubular plate.



  •  18.04.2020 Air cooler 100-A1 / 2 for OMV PETROM SA-PETROBRAZI. The role of the cooler in the installation is to condense gasoline vapors.

  • 24.03.2020– Stage I vacuum condenser “100-S18” for KMG Rompetrol Refinery – Petromidia Navodari.

  • 05.03.2020Coils

  • 26.02.2020Blowdown Tower column for Petrotel-LUKOIL